VW T7 2021: Becomes a Strong Character

We have new photos of the VW T7 2021 based on the Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB). With numerous assistance systems and as a hybrid, the bus is getting ready for the next decade. All information about the price of the Multivan!

With the debut of the VW T7 planned for 2021, fundamental changes. To put it bluntly: the Bulli is dead, the Bullis is alive. Because there will be three of them with whom VWN will position itself as broadly as never before. The Lower Saxony wants to resolve an old conflict of goals in this series.

The problem: The Bulli, which is essentially a transporter, always had to be both robust and cheap, and at the same time very comfortable, and on top of that, it had to offer car-like qualities. We were looking for a kind of indestructible construction site litter with a full leather interior.

The solution: While the current transport generation T6.1 should continue to be built as long as there is demand and the legal provisions allow it (possible end of production: 2025), the VW T7, clearly tailored to passenger transport, is to be used as a new Multivan from 2021 to field the Mercedes V-Class.

VW T7 2021
VW T7 2021

On this occasion, the developers of the VW T7 2021 are taking advantage of the cost advantages of the Modular Transverse Toolkit (MQB), on which more than 90 percent of all VW is based. This brings new technical possibilities within reach.

This applies, for example, to the chassis, which in the future will be built similarly to Passat & Co. with front wheels guided on McPherson struts and wishbones and a multi-link axle at the rear. The latter offers comfort advantages over the current semi-trailing link design.

The modular infotainment system, which was introduced at the current Multivan in 2019, will be brought up to date in the T7, and various assistance systems will be adopted by the passenger car division. Not much is to change in the external dimensions, but the new bus is a few inches flatter. While the front roof pillars are slightly slanted than before, the rear roof pillars are significantly wider.

Different wheelbases are planned again so that the new Multivan can pick up the fans of the Sharan, whose days are numbered, and can also be used in the long versions as a spacious hotel shuttle. In this context, one can speculate whether a brand-specific, specially designed derivative of the VW T7 2021 could also be of interest to Seat’s group colleagues, who in the future need a replacement for their Alhambra.


The VW T7 2021 will offer a wealth of contemporary power sources that bring their power to the road via front or all-wheel drive. This includes the clean, 2.0-liter turbodiesel, which is exhaust-cleaned using the twin-dosing process, and whose output is based on that of the current variants (90, 110, 150, and 199 hp). For the first time, there are also mild and plug-in hybrids.

VW T7 2021 Price

With the latter, the VW T7 2021 will be able to drive partially electrically. However, a fully electric variant is not planned for the time being – this power source is the privilege of the third Bulli in the bunch. We are talking about the ID. Bulli, whose unique design plays with style elements of the very first bus, as the spectacular study ID. There is still no information about a possible price of the VW T7 2021. For your orientation: The current T6.1 starts as a Multivan at 36,890 euros.

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