BMW Z4 2021: Rendering & Details

Details and photos about the BMW Z4 2021 are in our news. Although it is rare, from time to time we can find online recreations signed by independent designers so well done that they exceed the appeal of the real versions. And this is one of those rare occasions.

This render comes from Instagram user J.B. cars, an independent graphic designer from which we have shown you various works in recent months and that this time brings us a model that, in theory at least, is not going to be possible, since the latest reports suggest that the German brand does not plan to release such a closed variant. We are talking about a closed variant of the new roadster from the Bavarian firm, the hypothetical BMW Z4 Coupé.

In this recreation, we can see the new BMW Z4 from its rearview, but instead of the conventional rear of the well-known Z4 Roadster variant, we find a new closed roof, which the designer has implemented with very smooth and stylized lines. In addition to adding a more aggressive rear diffuser and the 4 usual exhaust outlets of the M versions, so this is the Z4 M Coupé version.

The aesthetic result of this render is very attractive, the sloping roof and rear window combine exceptionally well with the rest of the body lines of the German sports car. Unfortunately, it will be extremely difficult for us to get to see this design on the street.

BMW Z4 2021
BMW Z4 2021

Although during the first stages of the development of this new generation of the BMW Z4 Roadster we pointed out that there would be two body variants, Z4 Roadster and Z4 Coupe, the truth is that as the date of presentation of the model approached, more and more reports appeared that assured that the brand had canceled the development of the closed variant.

Although we managed to see numerous prototypes of the open variant in very different stages of development and configurations, we have not yet been able to see a single test unit of the Z4 Coupé. Not even an initial mule of a similar size to the new Z4.

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